Laser-Guided Concrete Screed

Our Ligchine Screed Saver Pro 220 produces high quality floors, on time,
and on budget.

The Ligchine Screed Saver Pro 220 Laser Screed is just one example of the efficiency that we bring to concrete installation. It is the optimal tool for your next slab-on-grade floor project. It produces floors of unequaled flatness and levelness. The Screed Saver reduces labor costs because of faster placing time and reduced form work.  

  • It increases productivity and assures greater accuracy through laser technology.

  • It easily places 3" to 4" slump concrete, larger aggregate mixes and fibrous concrete.

  • Plus it has high reliability, and superior maneuverability and traction.

We can quote:

  • Lump-sum work that includes materials, fine grade, machine rental, and finishing crew.

  • Square foot pricing for machine rental, operator and finishing crew.

  • Square foot pricing for machine rental and operator.



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